To a refrigerator dying young

I had a visit from two men last week, and they gave me a dark prophecy. Thus spake they: “Soon, you will be replacing your refrigerator.” The appliance in question was purchased less than eight years ago, shortly after we moved into our house. It replaced a landlord special in that peculiar shade of brown that shouts the 1970s. There…

The Kitchen Appliance Repair Secret You Need to Know (Hint: It Will Make Yours Last Longer)

The definitive guide to taking care of all your big and small household appliances—so you (almost) never have to replace them. Refrigerator Make-it-Last Habit: Condenser coils—the large, radiator-like element at the back of or under the appliance—remove heat from your refrigerator and freezer. When dust and dirt stick to the coils, the machine can’t shed heat as efficiently, which can…

Buying an appliance? Here’s how to get the best bargain.

Unlike buying most other big-ticket items, a lot can go wrong with appliance purchases. If your new tablet doesn’t work, you can just return it and get a replacement. But you can’t easily tote your new defective refrigerator back to the store, plus most consumers need help with delivery and installation. Unfortunately, the customer reviews that nonprofit consumer group Washington…

The best washer and dryer

source: The LG WM3770HWA is the best front-loading washer, while the matching LG DLEX3370W makes a great dryer. By Liam McCabe This post was done in partnership with The Sweethome, a buyer's guide to the best homewares. When readers choose to buy The Sweethome's independently chosen editorial picks, it may earn affiliate commissions that support its work. Read the…

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